Collar Ámbar Lemon

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Collar de Dentición de Ámbar "Lemon". Collar de Dentición de Mostacilla de Ámbar Báltico color limón. / Amber Necklace "Lemon". Lemon Color Beads, Baltic Amber teething necklaces for Babies.

"Amber is the fossilized resin of trees, so it contains different properties, one of them is being a natural anti-inflammatory. When Amber is in contact with the baby's skin, it releases succinic acid that is absorbed naturally by the baby's skin, which reduces inflammation, helps with the pain and discomfort of the dentition (teething) period.

Our necklaces have a plastic safety clasp, which opens in case of being pulled and with knots between each bead to avoid any possibility of the baby eating or choking with the necklace. It is safe, cute and natural.

Called "Soul of the tiger" for being considered the stone of courage. Amber balances emotions and attracts good luck. 

Baltic Amber, is fossilized resin from the sap of conifer trees. It originates in the dark, cold forests of the Baltic region; by some accounts, Baltic amber is over 44 million years old."