Collar Multi Wave

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Collar “Multi Wave”.  La calma y los tonos suaves se unen en este collar “Multi Wave”. Piedras preciosas naturales de Morganita, Aguamarina y Heliodoro en un collar de plata 925. / “Multi Wave” necklace. The calm and the soft tones together in the “Multi Wave” necklace. Natural Morganite, Aquamarine and Heliodor gemstones in a 925 silver necklace.

"Morganite is a clear glassy pink gemstone that is connected with the soul, the heart, and love. Wearing a Morganite crystal will bring you healing energy, compassion, joy, confidence, inner strength, and unconditional love.

Aquamarine stone is based heavily on its namesake – the sea. Everything that the endless blue ocean represents is included in the meaning of this stone. It represents exhilaration as well as relaxing calm.

The yellow Heliodor radiates the warmth and power of sunshine, the illumination of higher thought, and a centered, more vibrant physical well-being. Its name literally translates from the Greek as a gift of the sun."

Longitud de la cadena: 44,45cm / Chain lengh: 17,5"

Sin Níquel / Nickel free

Para cuidar tus joyas, te recomendamos No perfumes, ni transpiración, ni cremas o químicos. / To take care of your jewelry, we recommend No perfumes, No perspiration, No creams or chemicals.