Collar Red Agate

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Collar "Red Agate". Vuelve a ti misma con nuestra piedra natural de Ágata Roja con baño de oro. / "Red Agate" Necklace. Come back to yourself with our natural Red Agate and gold plated bail.

"The red agates protect the primary chakra of our human body, which usually called the root chakra. A place located in the coccyx region, usually on the perineum and genitals. Red Agates Promotes Safety, grounding, and vitality. Also, influence the other points of energy within the body."

Longitud de la cadena: 44,45cm o 40,6cm / Chain lengh: 17,5’’ or 16’’

Tamaño del colgante: 14~15mm x 8mm x 5~5,5mm / Charm size: 14~15mm x 8mm x 5~5,5mm

Sin Níquel / Nickel free

Son piedras preciosas naturales, por lo que pueden variar un poco en color y forma. / They are natural gemstone so they may vary a little in color and shape.

Para cuidar tus joyas, te recomendamos No perfumes, ni transpiración, ni cremas o químicos. / To take care of your jewelry, we recommend No perfumes, No perspiration, No creams or chemicals.