Collar Rosita

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Collar “Rosita”. Colgante de flor Rosa con baño de oro de 18K con perla de agua dulce color rosado suave y collar de cadena con baño de oro de 16K. / “Rosita” necklace. 18k rose gold plated Rose Flower pendant with soft pink Fresh Water Pearl and 16K gold plated chain necklace.

"A Rose symbolizes beauty, love and passion. And mixed with our cute pink fresh water pearl is our summer love detail."
“What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet…”
Romero & Juliet

Longitud de la cadena: 40,6cm o 44,45cm / Chain lengh: 16" or 17,5’’

Tamaño Colgante: 22x9,5cm / Charm size: 22x9.5mm

Sin Níquel / Nickel free

Para cuidar tus joyas, te recomendamos No perfumes, ni transpiración, ni cremas o químicos. To take care of your jewelry, we recommend No perfumes, No perspiration, No creams or chemicals.