Pulsera Ginkgo

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Pulsera "Ginkgo". Pulsera con colgante de Ginkgo bañada en oro de 18k con brazalete de cadena bañado en oro de 16K / "Ginkgo" bracelet. 18K gold plated Ginkgo charm with 16K gold plated chain bracelet.

"Ginkgo Biloba, a hardy tree commonly found along city streets, is considered a “living fossil.” It is closely related to prehistoric ancestors, but has no relatives today.
In Japanese decorative art, the ginkgo's distinctive fan-shaped leaf has carried symbolism along with its singular beauty: the Ginkgo has been a symbol of longevity (the tree can live for a thousand years) and of a more profound endurance (four Ginkgos survived the blast at Hiroshima and are still growing today).
A tribute to our favorite fossil tree “Ginkgo Biloba”.
(Puchín Ramitas Puchín)

Tamaño pulsera: Extensor de 12,7cm + 5,08cm con broches tipo langosta. / Bracelet size: 5'' + 2'' extender with lobster clasps.

Tamaño Colgante / Charm size: 15 x 13 x 3mm 

Sin Níquel / Nickel free

Para cuidar tus joyas, te recomendamos No perfumes, ni transpiración, ni cremas o químicos. / To take care of your jewelry, we recommend No perfumes, No perspiration, No creams or chemicals.